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Canaveral works with leaders of businesses and nonprofits in the UK and beyond, launching, tracking and supporting missions that transform tough problems into ambitious outcomes and maximum value for your customers or users, other stakeholders and wider society — and ultimately for your business.

A tough problem is a strategic or operational issue you don’t know how to tackle. You probably have one on your plate at this very moment.

This is how you know you’re looking at a tough problem:

High levels of complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty are present.

There are multiple internal and external stakeholders, each with their own unique perspective and agenda.

There is no agreement about the fundamental nature of the problem, and there is no common language for discussing it.

The desired outcome is disputed, unclear or unknown.

There is a lack of consensus about what type of intervention (change management, organisation development, internal communication, coaching, organisation design, conflict resolution, business model innovation etc.) is likely to be effective.

Surmounting the problem is likely to require persistent collaborative action.

New ways of thinking, working and relating are prerequisites for success.

You know you need external assistance, but none of your usual service providers can provide the right combination of generalist outlook and specialist know-how.

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Canaveral provides the generalist outlook and specialist know-how needed to transform your tough problems into ambitious outcomes, such that maximum value is generated for clients or customers, other stakeholders and wider society — and ultimately for your business.

Our approach involves problem transformation: perceiving and responding to problems in such a way that ambitious outcomes are achieved and the value creation capability of the enterprise is boosted.

Problem transformation is altogether different from conventional problem solving, which does nothing more than eradicate a troublesome state of affairs and restore the status quo.

Problem transformation brings forth a new reality, one in which the problematic situation no longer exists. Creating this new reality requires a shift in perception, to seeing possibility where others see limitation.

“Problem solving is taking actions to have something go away: the problem. While problem solving has its place, as a persistent approach, it limits accomplishment. The elimination of a problem does not mean that the desired result can be created. As distinguished, solving a problem does not by design lead to a creation. Creating is taking action to bring into being that which does not yet exist: the desired outcome.”

Robert Fritz
Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance and originator of structural dynamics

We help you transform your tough problem by means of a programme of collaborative work called a mission.

A Canaveral mission serves two purposes:

1. Eliminating the problem, achieving your ambitious outcome and generating value for all.

2. Acting as a learning laboratory for the business as a whole, thereby increasing its power to create the new.

Problem transformation
A Canaveral mission is custom-designed in partnership with the client-side mission directorate, taking full account of the prevailing circumstances and the particular stakeholder requirements.

Structure of a typical Canaveral mission

Canaveral: Indicative programme of work

Much of the Probe, Pathfind and Prepare work is generally carried out in a two-day multi-stakeholder co-creation meeting called the Mission Launchpad.

A co-creation meeting brings together diverse stakeholders, often in large numbers (the upper limit is constrained only by the venue capacity) and with widely-differing agendas and perspectives, to discuss issues of heartfelt concern, share ideas, pool knowledge, explore possibilities and devise plans for sustained collaborative action.

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With the mission accomplished and the ambitious outcome realised, your business is now better equipped to survive and prosper in a turbulent and unpredictable operating environment — one that demands constant innovation, reinvention and renewal.

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David Bernstein
David Bernstein, “one of the most distinguished members of the advertising profession” – Advertising Association