In chronological order:

1. Leith & Price

Directors: Martin Leith, Richard Price, John Seilis.

2. Price & Company

Directors: Richard Price, John Seilis.

3. Data Management Services

Directors: John Seilis, Justin Bygott-Webb.

DMS acquired and absorbed Black Box Publishing Limited. Black Box, founded by Stephen Hart, published the directories ALF and DAN. ALF (Account List File) was a tool for media sales people. It showed who worked on what in media agencies and ad agency media departments. DAN provided information on brand marketing companies. The acronym stood for something like Database of Advertisers Nationally, although ALF Insight now claims it was an acronym for Data Agency Network. Why the monikers ALF and DAN? Because they were competitive alternatives to “baby Brad,” the quarterly BRAD Advertiser and Agency Directory, which, until Leith & Price came along, was the only source of contact information for ad agency new business directors and media sales executives.

4. Pearson

5. Emap, later Top Right Group

6. ALF Insight

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