Creating Collaborative Gatherings Using Large Group Interventions

Gower Handbook of Training & Development, Chapter 28.

Although written in 1999, much of the content remains relevant.

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Creating Greatness in the Realm Beyond Systems Thinking

Article forming part of an e-book for participants in European Sharing on Systems Thinking, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2015.

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Designing innovation and change work to create maximum ecosystem value: the why and the how

Slides shown during a workshop I led at European Sharing on Systems Thinking.

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Introduction to Open Space

A 13-page Open Space Technology primer.

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Open Space Practice Guide

A 40-page document for those who design, organize and facilitate Open Space events, or who wish to do so.

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Organizing Work, Creating Value: the story so far

A set of 60 slides illustrating the 150-year history of management theory and practice. These slides accompanied a talk forming part of a one-day workshop, Organizing Without Managers: Exploring new forms of organization, that I led at Ashridge, UK on 1 July 2016.

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