OT11983Durham, New Hampshire, USA Convened by Harrison Owen, Frank Burns, Jim Shannon, Linda Ackerman, Linda Nelsom, Lawry DeBivort, John Adams and others. See The OT Story by John Adams to find out how OT1 came into being.
OT21984Columbia, Maryland, USA
OT31985Monterey, California, USA Harrison Owen originated Open Space Technology as the methodology for OT3. It was used as the basis of almost every OT symposium from then on. For 15 years, from OT3 in 1985 to OT18 in 2000, Harrison Owen was the principal convenor of every OT symposium in the US.
OT41986Tarrytown, New York, USA
OT51987Ashridge, Berkshire. UK Convened by John Adams, Sabina Spencer, Frank Burns, and Lisa Carlson. OT5 gave rise to the European stream of OT symposia.
OT619881. San Diego, California, USA
2. Djurö, near Stockholm, Sweden
2. Convened by Jan Backelin and others. This was were Jack got his first taste of OT and Open Space.
OT719891. Madison, Wisconsin, USA
2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2. Convened by Ton van der Kroon, Oscar David and others.
OT819901. Princeton, New Jersey, USA
2. Gersau, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
OT919911. Winter Park, Colorado, USA
2. Galosfa, Hungary
OT1019921. Armand Hammer College, Montezuma, New Mexico, USA
2. St Petersburg, Russia
3. Sweden
OT1119931. Coolfont Conference Center, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, USA
2. Yekaterinaberg, Russia
OT1219941. Napa Valley, California, USA
2. Gaunts House, Wimborne, Dorset, UK
2. Convened by Jack Martin Leith and others.
OT1319951. Sturbridge, Massachusetts, USA
2. The Practice Place, Crete, Greece
2. Convened by Jack Martin Leith and others.
OT1419961. Olympia, Washington, USA
2. Wicklow Mountains, Ireland
3. El Bloque, Spain
2. Convened by Jack Martin Leith (who didn’t participate), Mo Cohen and others.
OT1519971. Highlands, North Carolina, USA
2. El Bloque, Spain
3. Austria
OT1619981. Twin Harbors, Minnesota, USA
2. Auroville, India
OT171999Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA
OT182000Stowe, Vermont, USAStowe was Harrison Owen's final OT symposium as convenor.
OT1920011. Pawling, New York, USA
2. Dawlish, Devon, UK
3. Grimstone Manor, Yelverton, Devon, UK
2: January, convened by Mo Cohen and Jack Martin Leith
3: 29 May - 3 Jun, convened by Julian Greatrex, Fiona Jamieson and Gary Purser
OT202002Two Harbors, Minnesota, USAConvenor: John Adams
This OT symposium ended with a symbolic funeral based on the OST principle “when it’s over, it’s over.”
OT212003Glentruim, Scotland, UK2-5 Sep 2003
Jo Cummings, Ian Hall, John Adams, Rhoda Nussbaum and others decided that OT was not yet over! Jo and Ian hosted the OT 21 meetings in their home, which is near the center of Scotland, and assisted in arranging for bed and breakfast accommodation in the area.
OT222004Newbold House, Findhorn, Scotland, UK24-27 Aug
John Adams, Maggie Buxton and Ben Fuchs co-hosted and facilitated OT22, which included conversations with resident Findhorn Foudation members.
OT232005Milwaukee26-29 July
Theme: Welcoming Spirit
Convenors: Sheila Isakson, Susan Kerr, John Adams
John Adams was a co-convenor of OT from 1983 to 2005, a total of 22 years.
Thank you Peter Koenig, Ton van der Kroon, Harrison Owen and others who helped me compile this information.

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