I provide services that enable managers to address complex challenges by means of generative intervention.

A generative intervention is a judiciously designed and skilfully orchestrated set of actions taken by members of a stakeholder system in order to bring forth a desired state of affairs, such that maximum value is generated for customers, other stakeholders, and wider society.

The intervention commences with a one-day or two-day co‑creation conference, and continues with a programme of collaborative action designed by conference participants.

Generative intervention map

Intervention planning

I will help you and your colleagues formulate a plan that will lead to an effective conference design and a successful programme of ongoing collaborative action.

As a bare minimum, the intervention plan provides answers to these questions:

  • What is the challenge we are facing?
  • Using sensory-specific language, what is our desired outcome for the intervention as a whole (conference plus post-conference work)?
  • What is the timeframe for accomplishing the outcome?
  • Which stakeholder groups must work together to accomplish the outcome? What are their respective needs and interests with regard the work?
  • If the intervention is part of a larger programme of work, how does everything fit together?
  • How will the work be orchestrated?

The answers to these questions are to be treated as provisional. They are likely to change during the course of the co-creation conference. For example, each stakeholder group will have its own desired outcome.

The plan serves as a specification for the conference design.


No plan survives first contact with the enemy.
Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

Helmuth van Moltke the Elder
Likewise, no conference design survives first contact with the participant group. Even the most well-conceived design is nothing more than a best guess of what will actually happen in the room, and will need to be adjusted as events unfold.

I will help you produce the best possible design, using experience and expertise gained over the course of three decades.


One of my colleagues will serve as production director for the conference, commissioning and coordinating external services (e.g. audio-visual, graphic recording) and ensuring that conference logistics run smoothly.


I will provide the two facilitators that are needed for every co-creative conference.


My colleagues and I will train corporate staff and external consultants in the principles and practices of generative intervention, including the design and facilitation of co‑creative conferences.


We will coach newly-trained corporate staff and external consultants before, during and after their inaugural co‑creation conferences.

I want to pass along a piece of advice that Bill Clinton offered me a little over a decade ago.
Well, actually, when he said it, it felt less like advice and more like a direct order.
What he said was: “Turn toward the problems you see.”
It seemed kind of simple at the time, but the older I get, the more wisdom I see in this.
And that’s what I want to urge you to do today: turn toward the problems you see.
And don’t just turn toward them. Engage with them. Walk right up to them, look them in the eye … then look yourself in the eye and decide what you’re going to do about them.
Matt Damon
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All action is premature until it’s too late.
David Bernstein
David Bernstein, co-founder of The Creative Business

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