Accolades from colleagues and clients

Activating uptake of the new creation
Ideally, the uptake activation strategy should form part of the value generator concept.

A beneficiary is person or collective gaining some sort of value by virtue of an enterprise’s existence, its activities or the value generators (products, services, facilities etc.) it produces.

Change is not a journey
Change is not a journey from here to there. There is no here, no there, and no journey. This is simply a metaphor, and a potentially dangerous one.

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The Creative Lifecycle
An organic model of creating the new and realising the potential of the new creation, using the analogy of human procreation and development.

The creative triad
A now-to-new practitioner forms a partnership of equals with the manifest and the unmanifest, respecting and acknowledging their distinct roles in the now-to-new process as if with flesh and blood colleagues.

Edward Matchett
Edward ‘Ted’ Matchett, author of Creative Action, was a genius in the field of industrial design and in the wider now-to-new arena.

Enriching the world: Is it good business practice?
A video of a five-minute Ignite talk in which I address four questions: What is the purpose of a human being? What is the purpose of a business? What is the business case for world enrichment? What are the practicalities?

Four-way learning groups
Members take turns as coachee, coach, metacoach and host in order to acquire coaching skills, address constraining issues and develop an unconditional service disposition.

Frederic Laloux’s next-stage / Teal organizations
This article draws together some of the theories and concepts that inform Frederic Laloux’s influential book Reinventing Organizations, including various developmental psychology approaches, Spiral Dynamics and the Ken Wilber variant.

From conceiving the initial idea to introducing the new creation
An article exploring the Conception, Commitment and Gestation stages of The Creative Lifecycle.

Glossary of terms for now-to-new practitioners
Terms defined include Anti-value, Degenerative, Generative, Intent, Open Space meeting, Value generator, and Wholeness.

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How can co-creation meeting formats be modified in order to honour the max4 principle?
Discover how Real Time Strategic Change, Whole-Scale™ Change, Future Search, World Cafe, Open Space and other ‘whole system in the room’ meetings can be modified in order to honour the max4 principle.

How can we animate our strategy and manifest our purpose?
This may be achieved by means of an enterprise-wide mission formed of sub-missions and contributing projects.

How does now-to-new work compare with design thinking?
This item features a graphic showing the close relationship between the two approaches.

How to host a Knowledge Cafe
Originated by David Gurteen, a Knowledge Cafe is a meeting of around 32 people that enables rich and rewarding conversation on a topic of mutual interest. Knowledge Cafe participants immerse themselves in the topic, share knowledge, hatch ideas, gain insights, acquire new perspectives, strengthen relationships, and form new connections.

The human is a rig for creating the new
The part above the heart is for imagining possibilities for world enrichment. The part below the heart is for manifestation and potential realisation.

Jobs-to-be-Done Theory and the Value Proposition Canvas

The max4 principle
Various research studies reveal that four is the maximum group size for a conversation or discussion in which everyone is able to speak and no one dominates.

Now-to-new: what’s it all about?
Now-to-new is a method-independent approach for bringing forth new creations that generate widespread value, meaning and joy, and enrich the world.

Readiness work
Readiness work enables members of a now-to-new project team to prime themselves for the showing up of a high potential concept by becoming immersed in the demands and dynamics of the project and having a felt sense of the new reality in which the desired results will arise.

Resources for now-to-new practitioners

Rich Co-creation
Principles underpinning collaborative now-to-new projects, with an emphasis on ‘whole system in the room’ meetings.

Selected quotes about problems and problem solving
Originators include Adam Kahane, James Wilk, Russell Ackoff, Robert Fritz, and Matt Damon.

Specifying the value your new creation will generate
How to use the V-Spec tool to specify the value each beneficiary group will require from the new creation.

Synthetic and creative forms of imagination
Truly original ideas are conceived through the faculty of creative imagination, not through synthetic imagination, which can only produce derivative ideas.

Talking with Angels
A collection of esoteric teachings on the true nature of humans and our reality, voiced by Hanna Dallos and transcribed by Gitta Mallasz.

The Tell–Sell–Test–Consult–Co-create model
A manager or leader has five main ways of getting something done: telling, selling, testing, consulting, and co-creating.

The three main co-creation meeting formats
This article sets out the three main formats for a co-creation meeting: a collaborative gathering forming part of a broader now-to-new intervention

The three now-to-new work modes
Effective now-to-new work requires a combination of creating alone, creating together and helping others create by means of coaching, facilitation, leadership and other enabling practices.

What does holistic mean?
A meaningful definition of holistic must itself be holistic. The limitations of language make this impossible, but here are some clues. None of them is the whole story.

What is value and how is it generated?
Value is co-created through the interaction between the beneficiary (e.g. consumer, user) and the value generator. Anti-value is the converse of value.

Woodrow Wilson’s “You are here to enrich the world” address in full

World-enriching work calls for unconditional service
Unconditional service is selfless action taken by an individual or group for the benefit of others, motivated by a heartfelt desire to enrich the world.