Talking with Angels

Talking with Angels is the true story of four young Hungarians in search of inner meaning at a time of outer upheaval, the holocaust. In the darkest hours of World War II, these friends, three of them Jewish, seek orientation and meaning in their shattered lives. During seventeen perilous months, one of them, Hanna Dallos, delivers oral messages which Gitta Mallasz and Lili Strausz record in their notebooks. These teachings end abruptly with the deportation of Hanna and Lili to Ravensbrück in December of 1944. Only Gitta Mallasz survived to bring their story and these remarkable dialogues to the world. She always rejected any notion of authorship for this book, saying, “I am merely the scribe of the angels.”

Based on the description displayed on the Daimon Verlag website, where you can order a copy of Talking with Angels.
The five senses are five stages or degrees:
Matter, the touching hand:
water, which dissolves: taste;
air, subtle matter: smell;
still subtler vibration transmitted by the ear: hearing;
through the fifth sense, the eye, light radiates: sight;
the sixth sense is the union of the five;
the seventh is the seed of AWARENESS.

When these seven no longer take, but GIVE,
the instant is creative.
This Act creates above as below,
“Thy will be done” above as below!
Your task links above and below.
Your task is the creative human element:

May you be filled with LIGHT-AWARENESS!

Awareness is not knowledge.
Awareness is Light:
acting Light, giving Light.

Your eyes are still blind.
The Light still disturbs you, pains;
it is still cold.
The new light sweeps away every belief.
The one who believes in the Divine is mistaken.


May your third eye begin to open!
To become one with the Divine
is still but a possibility.
The vibrations are not yet tuned, united.
Neither you nor the Divine is the cause of this.
The cause is time;
to perceive is time;
To hear is time;
to see is time.

But there is a time beyond time,
a space beyond space,
where you may act,
where you may unite,
where you may live the Human Essence:
Only LOVE acts.

Creative instant, flood of Light,
streaming through the new Eye!

There is no more below, no more above,
there is no more father and no more mother.
Creative instant: GIVING.

The light flows.
Chalice of gold, of translucent gold;
not to be seen,
not to be touched.
Only to be GIVEN.


* Hanna [Hanna Dallos, the angels’ messenger] is unable to find an appropriate word for the attraction and union of spirit and matter, for the new unifying element. For lack of anything better, she chooses the Hungarian expression értelem (intelligence, mind, meaning). The angel then goes beyond the one-sidedness of this term in adding: “Light-Awareness is, in truth: Love.” For this English edition, we chose the expression Light-Awareness; the German uses Erkennen, whose original meaning includes uniting as well as becoming conscious. For the French translation, the expression co-naissance was used, and for the Italian and Spanish translations, corresponding neologisms. All of these are unfortunately but approaches to a state of being which we are not able to name.
Gitta Mallasz, transcriber of Talking with Angels
Source: Gitta Mallasz (June 21, 1907 – May 25, 1992, pictured, with brother Ottomár in first photo), who transcribed the angels’ teachings as voiced by Hanna Dallos.

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