Problem transformation is the practice of transforming tough problems into ambitious outcomes and widespread value.

On this page you can read about the talented people who are on hand to help bring thisĀ about.

Problem transformation: the talent pool

Inner circle of general practitioners

Jack Martin Leith and his inner circle colleagues are seasoned practitioners with collective expertise spanning many disciplines. They bring knowledge, skills and experience gained across a broad spectrum of sectors. Their main areas of expertise are complex problem solving, breakthrough innovation, system-wide change, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and new ways of working.

Each inner circle member is able to move fluidly between a variety of roles, including researcher, analyst, strategist, intervention designer, concept developer, event producer, facilitator, coach, teacher, and thinking partner.

Network of specialist service providers

The inner circle is supplemented by a network of specialist service providers who are among the best in their respective fields. Their specialist areas include action learning, Agile development, brand, corporate culture, design thinking, digital workplace, enterprise architecture, internal communication, organisation design, service design, stakeholder insight, teamwork, and workforce development.

The network includes management writers, academics, alumni of big consulting firms and former CEOs.