Beneficiary set, beneficiary groups and beneficiaries
A beneficiary is person or collective gaining some sort of value by virtue of an enterprise’s existence, its activities or the value generators (products, services, facilities etc.) it produces.

Stakeholder is similar in meaning. I prefer beneficiary as it refers to the value, meaning or joy generated for the benefit of the individual or collective under consideration.

Stakeholder, defined by Tom Graves, Tetradian

Source: Exploring business-architecture, a set of 147 slides accompanying a conference talk given by Tom Graves, Tetradian Consulting.
A beneficiary group is a cluster of entities that gain value from an enterprise in the same way, such as customers, suppliers or investors.

A beneficiary set is the complete set of beneficiary groups for a given enterprise.

I no longer talk about the enterprise ecosystem as the word ecosystem has negative as well as positive associations.

The differences between biological and organizational ecosystems

The value of a metaphor: Organizations and ecosystems
The value of a metaphor: Organizations and ecosystems (pdf; 10pp), by Matthew M. Mars, Judith L. Bronstein, and Robert F. Lusch, in Organizational Dynamics (2012) 41, 271—280
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