Jack is a practical sorcerer. He is always gathering new substances, forces and ingredients to cast ever more effective spells that create innovation magic. Jack is another person I am proud to know for his willingness to regularly recast himself and the world around him, always aimed at the authentic new. Newness often involves the painful process of shedding old skins, but Jack walks his talk and redrafts himself with the passion and artistry of the great painters and sculptors. Jack is an exemplar of collaboration, taking us from now to new, on expeditions that can take a day, and yet can have all the richness and excitement, learning and challenge of a safari through personal and organisational jungles. Jack’s a world pioneer of Open Space 2.0 and beyond, a man who lives for a living, there’s nothing facile about his facilitation, a prolific maker-upper of ideas and approaches, processes and methods that help create futures in the now. I’ve worked with and dialogued with Jack for many centuries; he’s inspiring, a sharer and, most of all, an innovation Samurai.

Paul Levy

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Paul is a senior lecturer at University of Brighton | Centre for Change, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, and the founder of Rational Madness Theatre Company, FringeReview and CATS3000 | Source of citation: CATS3000 website