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I’m Jack Martin Leith.

Enrich the world is my motto.

Now-to-new is how I bring it to life.

Now-to-new signifies a shift from the present situation to what is needed instead, such that value is generated, or anti-value generation is halted, or value generation capability is expanded, or it is restored.

+ Some now-to-new terminology
Value means benefit. The three main forms of value are economic value, conceptual value and experienced value. I mostly talk about experienced value. Value is not ‘delivered’, as if by FedEx. It is co-created through the interaction between the beneficiary (e.g. consumer, user) and the value generator (product, service etc.). See Wikipedia: Service-dominant logic. Value is a unifying principle: the red thread that unites intent, strategy, mission, project work, capability expansion, and other business fundamentals.

Anti-value is the degenerative counterpart of value. Anti-value is more than dissatisfaction. It manifests as an experience of physical pain or emotional upset arising from a poorly designed or malfunctioning value generator, or from the denial of previously received and possibly taken for granted value.

Value generator
Value does not rest inside a product, waiting to be delivered as if by FedEx. Value is generated through an interaction between the user and the value generator — something tangible (product, device or other artefact) or intangible (e.g. service, piece of music) that produces experienced value when the user interacts with it.

Value generation capability
Latent power available to an individual, group or enterprise for creating the new and realising the value generation potential of the new creation.

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Visit the now-to-new glossary to view definitions of terms I originated and those I use in a particular way.

The now-to-new concept, principles and practices are the product of a lifelong enquiry into how the new comes into being and how this changes into that, coupled with a 30-year consulting career in the fields of complex problem solving, breakthrough innovation and whole system change.

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