Jack Martin Leith leading a Knowledge Cafe at European Sharing on Systems Thinking, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2015

Jack Martin Leith leading a Knowledge Café at European Sharing on Systems Thinking, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2015.

Generative enterprise advocate

A generative enterprise seeks to generate maximum value for customers, other stakeholders, and wider society.
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Groupwork designer

I provide a groupwork design service to large companies, non-profits and professional services firms. Groupwork designers design (and may subsequently facilitate) workshops, conferences and events where diverse stakeholders confront challenges, initiate projects and make plans for effective collaborative action.Currently, I am making early-stage plans for creating the School of Groupwork Design.
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MAX4 instigator

MAX4 is a campaign to see “a maximum of four people in a discussion group” become standard practice.
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Jack is an innovation consultant who walks the talk. He is constantly innovating his own business activity, its design and aims.
He is ‘the person’ to talk to for large group interventions, for whole system change and innovation. I attended a four-day Open Space conference that Jack facilitated. It set me on a new path in life.
Jack is highly committed and skilled, challenging and truly creative. He thinks deeply about innovation and transformation. He has developed a range of propositions about innovation that can lead to new insights on the topic. He understands creativity and innovation and has developed practical ways to develop innovativeness in organisations.
Jack’s views tap into the wild and the wonderful as well as the rational. He likes to shake things up, and to help that shaking to happen quickly. He doesn’t mess about!
You won’t always find it easy working with Jack because he is one of that rare breed — an authentic agent of change and innovation who is prepared for things to get harder before they get easier.
Paul Levy
– Paul Levy, Senior Researcher, Centre for Research in Innovation Management, University of Brighton

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