Jack Martin Leith undertakes ‘special ops’ projects that transform tough business and social challenges into ambitious outcomes and widespread value.

These are the distinguishing features of a ‘special ops’ project:

Mobilisation Immediate.
Groundwork Clear intent, wide reconnaissance, intelligent strategy, iterative planning.
Action Outcome focused, bold, responsive, relentless, well coordinated.
Methods Many and varied, some unconventional.
Team members Experienced, versatile, fierce, collaborative, compassionate, resourceful, resilient.

Growing up in an east London funeral parlour, Jack saw how commercial and social purposes can be pursued together, with no conflict of interest and to the benefit of all concerned.

Since the early 1990s, his professional services in the fields of breakthrough innovation, whole system change and complex problem solving have been commissioned by all manner of corporates and nonprofits, including ABN Amro Bank, Diageo, Dogs Trust, Environment Agency, European Commission, GlaxoSmithKline, Imagination, McCain Foods, NHS, Royal Dutch Shell, and University of Brighton. He also works with startup founders, change leaders and mouldbreaking consultants.

Jack’s work draws on a wide range of disciplines, theories and methods, and his many roles include thinking partner, strategist, concept originator, intervention designer, project orchestrator, and facilitator of large‑scale multi‑stakeholder co-creation meetings.

He lives in the west of England and goes wherever his services are needed.

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